AAC Week 7 (NO weekday games) and other games

Couple of huge ones w ranked teams headed to Htown and Philly.

UGone +34 v Tulane
Temple +5.5 vs Memphis
USF +6.6 vs BYU
Navy v Tulsa is Pick Em.


I don’t know about y’all, but I will never feel good about SMU winning games.


You will not like this by CBS.

Hope they get beat up by Temple next week prior to the short turnaround when they come here.


It’s going to suck next year when the top 2 records go to a championship game.

Massey gives UGone 0% chance of winning.

Cinn v UH

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NC state vs cuse tonight at 7.

Wonder if anyone shows up at the TX State game vs UL Monroe.

Temple taking it to Memphis early…13-0 already

Memphis can’t stop turning it over. 3 straight to start the game.

Why do you wonder that?

Come on Memphis!!!

Let’s hope Hawaii upsets Boise to hurt their NY6 chances

Herman’s team tried to talk big to the Sooners before the game, but are getting mud-stomped after 1 quarter. #BoomerSooner

Another FG for Temple makes it 16-0. They might regret only getting 3 FGs after those turnovers.

Memphis looks terrible.

Jeez. That’s really horrible. I wonder what the record is for most consecutive turnovers to start a game?

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Memphis is not looking good right now.

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Not sure, tough to find some records. Record for interceptions in a game is 10 though.