AAC week 7

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(Mark Jacob) #2

I think Coogs go under 64 on total score. I think Coach Applewhite doesn’t seem the type to run up a score when others would. Take the Rice game as an example. He’ll take win no matter the margin. I think he’ll again go pretty quick to the 2nd & 3rd (4th?) strings to get them game experience and protect/rest starters. I’m not as happy about it, but it certainly makes sense to do it. Go Coogs!

(Charles) #3

I am happy with those decisions. It’s much better to develop depth than run up the score. We can make our marks vs. Memphis, USF and Navy. Build for the future.


bring on the reserves!

(Ben B) #5

As long as the let’s the reserves run the Normal offense I’m good with that.

(Patrick) #6