AAC with 3 ranked. UCF-#14, Memphis-#20, USF-#22

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UH late int for TD makes the weekly powe6rplays.

(Patrick) #3

Really hoping for a big move by UCF in the playoff rankings this week.

Strange thing is that most of the computers have UCF as a top 10 team and the old BCS rankings had them at 12 last week. Committee is screwing them.

(Mark) #4

The committee has established well the G5s might as well be in FCS. If not for the contractual obligation via the New Years Bowl slot I don’t think they’d even bother.


UCF has to go undefeated or 1 loss, win the AAC, win the NY6 Bowl and start next season ranked. Then do it all over again. That is the formula for the playoff.

We all know this will never happen. Too much change from year to year in G5 land.

(Eric Prado) #6

You forgot to mention they need to keep Frost


The purpose of the committee is to make sure that no g5 even sniffs the playoffs.

(Patrick) #8

I have no expectation of an AAC team being in the playoff, but UCF at #18 was ridiculous, especially behind some of the teams they were placed behind.

(Chris) #9

The same thing happened just a couple of years ago. The cfp is a scam run by the cartel. I would love, love to be wrong but this is what the cartel and the cfp is all about. G5’s have no chance to be in the cfp. None whatsoever and to think otherwise only gives credit to the cfp.
You brought it up. It would make perfect sense to go to 8 or even 16 but who is fighting it? The cartel and the same five to ten Schools that run it.
Why should we accept this status quo? It is as if EVERYONE is resigned to it. Shouldn’t we fight back? It comes back to why play Div I if you can’t play for the championship? What’s the point? Why spend hundred of $M’s if you can’t even participate in the cfp?
The nfl is in trouble. This would be the perfect opportunity to come up with this a 16 Teams playoffs system. I am being logical that is not what the cartel/cfp is all about. They want to keep the money from the G5’s. This has nothing to do with sports and who is deserving of an invite or not.

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Playoff Top 25

(Tom) #11

There has to be a way to fight back, there is no reason UCF should be ranked as low as they are. It’s intentional and the message is G5 should not be part of CFP ranking.

(G.W.) #12

Its just like Stanford is now ranked because they beat some PAC 12 teams. They have multiple losses including SD State who is now unranked with a loss to Fresno State who is also pretty decent.

The top of the MWC can play with most of the top of the PAC 12, but the PAC 12 can beat each other and get ranked.
USC needed OT to beat a 4-5 UT
UCLA is hot garbage
UW and Wazzu are the best they have yet Stanford (who I respect) is ranked.
Hell, Arizona was ranked and we beat them without having an offense.

And the same can be said for most of these Petite 5 Conferences
LSU gets ranked, but not 7-2 Troy who beat them.

It’s all about attendance and TV contracts. These are public institutions with billions on the line. It is reasonable to expect Congress to break up the cartel since Federal dollars go to research at ALL of the facilities.

(Patrick) #13

Committtee ain’t even hiding their bias this year.

Wisconsin is at #8 Having beat #25 Northwestern this year and only 2 teams with a winning record. UCF is at 18 even though the hey stomped the #22 Memphis team, has 4 wins over teams with a winning record, and they have a common opponent in Maryland where UCF won on the road 38-10 while Wisconsin won at home 38-13.

Washington is at #9 having played one team with a winning record (loss to ASU) and no ranked teams.

UCF being behind Va Tech, Miss state and OK State is a joke. Not sure why Auburn is 10th either. UCF should be no lower than 12 at this point.

(GordoUH09) #14

Never thought I would be so angry about a team other than UH being ranked so low. This is a total scam. The BCS system was biased and would still have had UCF ranked #10 this week. How did we go from a system of total transparency with over a hundred pollsters and computer simulations to a group of 13 incredibly biased and loaded with conflicts of interest people making decisions behind closed doors? All without any set rules so that they can make any decision they want. We need the FBI to take a look at this major corruption. People need to go to jail!

(Chris) #15

Here is the clear picture:
cfp and espn are in cahoots.
ncaa, CBS, ABC, fox and espn are business partners.
Any types of real discussion about ranking is immediately shut down by all of the above. Any types of discussion about expanding the cfp is more or less shut down. Remember Leach when he talked about a 16 Teams cfp? Not a bleep on espn.
Have you seen a single thing mentioned about UCF’s ranking on these websites or tv shows? Today’s espn “explanation/discussion” The only thing that they talk about is why is Wisconsin ranked so low.

They have the nerve to talk about ucf in the pole to get a NY bowl but nothing about their ranking.
This is the cartel at its best.
It stinks and is unacceptable. You know what is more than unacceptable? It seems as if this is a FAIT ACCOMPLI. They want you to believe that nobody gives a damn about it.
Utah used Orin Hatch and the PAC12 gave them an invite. Since then Orin Hatch is dead silent on the subject. I emailed him three times. Crickets are louder than his response.
What about contacting Ted Cruz or other Texas congress representatives since he/they represent Texas?
We have some lawyers on this site. Do we have ANY ground for a class action lawsuit/anti trust lawsuit against the P5/cfp based on public Schools receiving money from D.C.?

(Patrick) #16

Selection committee chairman Kirby Hocutt said the playoff group was impressed by UCF, but “their strength of schedule is the challenge in positioning them higher at this point in time.”

UCF remains the highest ranked school from the Group of 5 conferences. If the Knights hold their position, they would earn the Group of 5 invitation to a New Year’s 6 Bowl. This year, that means a coveted ticket to the Peach Bowl.

(Eric Prado) #17

Although I don’t agree with UCF being ranked so low, this should be a lesson to the rest of the AAC when it comes to SOS. Schedule two P5s like we do.

(Cary) #18

It really comes down to this guys. The CFP, if they could avoid the outrage and backlash, would put the access bowl invite schools at 23-25 in every poll. To illustrate this they would have…

23 UCF
24 Memphis
25 USF

but to avoid the appearance of just trying to show which school gets the access slot, they spread the schools out a little bit. You just mentally remove a few in front of them, and that’s your non-P5 ranking.

The only reason they put non-P5 schools in the ranking at all, which I am sure they would love to just drop the charade all together, is simply to show who is in the lead for the access spot. This really is their attitude, but they tried to hide it by spreading teams away from each other. The CFP committee will NEVER… EVER… EVER rank a non-P5 team above 10. Even if Houston had gone undefeated last year, they would haven’t even sniffed the playoff.

(Patrick) #19

I’m not arguing for UCF to be ranked ahead of Wisconsin, a team on course to be Playoff-worthy. I’m arguing for UCF to at least be ranked ahead of, say, Virginia Tech, whose second-best win is over Boston College, or Mississippi State, who’s had three bad games in nine tries.

I’m also not calling for UCF to be ranked in the top five or even top 10. But when the Playoff committee was already the outlier when it came to ranking a team and then made no change despite that team’s resume improving even as those around it stumbled, it’s another data point (committee term) to add to the argument that the Playoff is designed to exclude mid-majors.

(Patrick) #20

Technically, they did, but the Georgia Tech got rained out. I do see your point.