About that Tech uniform controversy

So we wouldn’t abide by Tech request to let them wear white. Many on here were claiming because the game was in the afternoon heat was not a factor. Reading about our guys on IVs and Kingsbury yelling to push the tempo while our bench was in the sun makes me think it was a huge factor. And I would just like to call Tech out on their obvious BS


I hear you. But uni color or no uni color, we couldn’t tackle, pressure the QB or cover recivers. We just got beat. It happens, it has happened at least one time a year since we have been playing football in 1946.

Everybody had tech down as a loss before the season. As it is written, if you are going to have a loss, better to have it in the beginning of the season than have it late in the season.

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I asked the UH AD, he NEVER got a call from Tx Tech…

Not surprised…made up controversy to try to get the players and crowd motivated.


Thank God that rumor was squashed.
I would also suggest that most visiting teams are situated on the sunny side of the field and it’s not unique to Texas Tech. Our stadium is the same way. So is TAMU, so is Alabama, so is SMU, TCU, Ok St, etc, etc.
another rumor squashed.

That’s a fact, I was standing by Joe when he asked and that is exactly what Pez told him.

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