Academy Deals


Coogs stuff clearance + 50% off. Got Nike polo $25. Some t-shirts $7.50. Lots of stuff… this was at New Caney location… I think 50% off all weekend at all locations


Damn! Wish I didn’t live in Georgetown…

(Tom Green) #3

doubt you’re missing much, I never see much but tshirts, old style stuff n cheaper made polos when I look at Academy inventory. I like the nicer polos and never see them carry anythink like that. Carry Antigua or something close to that brand. Jmo.


Nike sideline polo $25… maybe some consider that cheaper made, but I like it for that price

(Tom Green) #5

Nike would be very acceptable. I just said that’s not what I see when i look there. Bought the Antigua brand UH polo abt 4 yrs ago n wore it twice n look bad after 2 washings. Sits in my closet. Glad there’s some Nike gear…encouraging.


Scored some sweet deals Friday after work. Got me a white coogs shirt that is going to be my game day shirt for those early hot games! Got a Cobra f7 driver for $75 and a Bluetooth speaker for $10.


That’s a phenomenal deal for a sideline polo.