ACC wants to expand NCAA tournament by four teams

(Patrick) #1


ACC commissioner John Swofford said the conference also voted to propose a package of rule changes that included moving back the 3-point line, widening the lane and resetting the shot clock to 20 seconds after an offensive rebound, but passed on the other rules trialed during the NIT that included moving from halves to quarters and changes to fouls and the bonus.

The expansion proposal came from the ACC coaches, who noted the number of football teams that have postseason opportunities compared to basketball.


Hell just put everyone in the NCAA tournament and get it over with, lol

(PMM) #3

A better solution would be to put a limit on how many teams from one conference can get in.


No kidding, cripes.

(Dustin K) #5

That sounds much like it could lead to how we have football, so to speak, with the Power 5 and such.


Right idea, wrong sport!