Access to free board

(Monte P Gilliam) #1

for several days now, i cannot get access to the free board and the message says it cannot be reached. Any explanation? I like to read and post on all our boards, so i would be grateful for help and explanation, particularly so close to signing day…Thanks.



(Patrick) #3

Free board?

(Monte P Gilliam) #4

YES, the old 24/7 free board, that you dont have to pay for it like the premium board…24/7 had both a free board and the Premium. The free boards for Basketball and baseball are still there…The free board for football is NOT there…I am talking about our old original football board…I have heard there may have some kind of merger…The old free board no longer responds to calling it up on its old web address…a message says it can no longer be reached…I would like a MODERATOR to answer my question as to what is going on and how are we supposed to access it?? I am not the only one with this question, as i read RickyD having same problem accessing as me…

(Eric Prado) #5

Our mods have no control over 247 message boards…

(shharper01) #6

24/7 has forums?

#7 has nothing to do with the 24/7 site…Thank goodness!!!

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My impression of that spot:
More trolls than ‘The Lord Of The Rings’.

Its still up. Just checked.
No idea why he is asking here about it?

(Monte P Gilliam) #9

i am asking about it because i read and look for latest information on all 3 boards. When i put in the web address, my computer responds that the site is not accesable…you can still read it, Phantom, and i just got off phone with a guy i sit with at the games and he can still read it…I have no idea why my address that has worked for years no longer has access…i even typed in the full 247 address, and it still wont go…frankly, i am not going to worry about it any more as i do prefer the other 2 boards we have for football.

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Clearing your cookies might remedy this type issue.

Do a google search for your operating system:
for ex
"how to clear cookies in chrome"


It’s because the repealed Net Neutrality. The other site is being blocked by your ISP because they don’t wanna pay kick backs. This is the future people. Sorry for hijacking the thread. lol


Until the new regs are published, which will be in about 90 days, old rules still adhere.


I had to reset my password. You could try that.

(Al) #14

Majin you are a trouble-maker!

(Monte P Gilliam) #15

Thanks to all for the suggestions and i am going to try them…


I messaged coogboog and his psychic solved my problem snappy quick.

(Al) #17

Where or where is CoogBoog??

(Jason Lee) #18

Is aldine clear that there was a split, and 247 (I.E. C***** D****)* is a different site? Not sure he is.


I got kicked out of shaggy awhile back. Would any of these tricks work to get me reinstated back there?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Monte P Gilliam) #20

Shasta, how do i reach the new site? what is the new web address for the 247 free board? When i type the old one in, it does not work…