After all this, what will you not take for granted anymore?

To say we have all been impacted by this pandemic, is an understatement. One overwhelming thing I keep hearing from people is how they won’t take things for granted again. I know it’s human nature, but this has been sobering.

What are some things you will not take for granted again?

For me, it’s simple liberty. That time is precious. What I have is precious and a gift. And I have been looking at my relationships and really savoring the good in my family and friends. Those are some things for me.

Basic freedoms. As I told my wife, its not that I want to go to some of these places that were shutdown or would go to these stores because I hate shopping. It is just that somebody told me I couldn’t.

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Yes, that’s what I mean, just simple liberty. It’s easy to forget in our overhyped, media-drenched society.

Science and experts. Maybe if we listened more and forced government to act earlier then we wouldn’t be looking at hundreds of thousands of deaths. Always easier to prevent something from happening by listening to experts than dealing with everything afterwards.


If the chi coms had been up front and honest about the disease then we could have limited access to our nation a lot tighter, sooner.

Geez o pete Fort Worth, Portland was providing a thread so people could express what they missed that wasn’t tied to people’s entrenched orthodoxy. Like I miss Ice cream in the park. Not I miss where people viewed the world exactly as I do which would have saved lives.

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I am shaking my head here side to side and rolling my eyes.

I can’t believe what I am reading.

Nobody and no government has taken anyone’s freedom or liberty during this episode.

They gave you something. Your life to live another day.

You are sitting on your couch watching Netflix and holding on to your loved ones.

Ike is not asking you to storm Omaha Beach with a water logged rife.

Stop it all of you.

There are a few of those men still alive who stormed that beach. If you don’t care about yourself and your family do it for them.

And God Bless America.


OK. You know what? Now I am royally angry which is rare for me on here. This was not a thread to start negative rants. Nor was it to project and displace your misinterpretations onto others. I was celebrating liberty, honoring all those before me who made it possible, and I won’t take it for granted again.

I am SO SICK of the United States of Blame and Internet Bickering.

Was meant to be positive uplifting thread. You guys can’t handle that?

I am disgusted. So much so I could just spit.


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