AGAIN, where are we going to be ranked next week?

(Ryon Adams) #1

Any guesses?


18 I guesse


we will be ranked receiving votes

(Patrick) #4



Should already be ranked but I’ll say 20.


Should be #18-20 more likely to be #22-24.


True that. We’ll probably be docked some points because of the FUGLY uniforms. lol :wink:

(Jimmy Morris) #8

Well four teams ranked between 18 and 25 lost one game this week against unranked teams. Seven unranked teams had more votes than us. If we pass the 4 ranked teams and 4 of the seven unranked teams in votes, that puts us at 25.

I’m not too worried about our ranking anyway. RPI and other things influence the seeding. I’ve never seen any reference to the AP being part of it. If we finished in the top 25 but lost in the first round of the tourney, would you be happy? I wouldn’t. If we were unranked but got a 7th seed and won a first round matchup, I’d be much happier.

(Alfred Matthews) #9

24 is my guess


Kenpom rankings now has UH at #19.


The P5 voters are not going to let us in the door very far. I will bet 23 to 25, that way they can drop us out, if we lose any from now on.
No, lol, I have no faith In the biased P5 voting block. A ranking would be a nice reward for this team, which gets better by the week.
CKS was right, the journey for this team, has been incredible. Stay tuned, there is more to come.

(Tom Green) #12

I say #23 . #22 coaches poll

(Ryon Adams) #13

My guess is #20.


I understand this rationale in football but this is basketball, there are already 8 non “power 5” teams ranked including 2 from our conference and several of those are not even traditional BB powers. I don’t think this is as much of a thing in BB as FB

(Mark Shapiro) #15

#19 on real time rpi.


We were 30th in coaches and 33rd in AP last week.

I predict 22nd in coaches and 24th in AP.

(Kyle Caesar) #17

Chester wins I agree!

(User was banned for sending threatening/abusive messages.) #18

“HOUSTON (RPI: 19, KenPom: 19, NBC seed: 8): Houston had a phenomenal week this week, beating Cincinnati at home before going into Philly and knocking off Temple. With six Quadrant 1 wins, the Cougars will no longer be featured in this space.”


No more bubble banter because UH has earned its way into the NCAA Tourney. If we finish the season strong (which I think we will), we should be awarded with a 4 or 5 seed in the NCAA Tourney. At this point, we are rated ahead of such regional teams as UT-austin, ATM, Baylor, OU, etc.

I would hope & expect that the Pac 12 will be paying attention to our post season performance. They missed out this year on a highly visible and remarkable 50th anniversary game between UH & UCLA.

However, they could make up for it by making UH vs UCLA an annual event.

(Jerrycoog) #20

We could get our highest seed since PSJ this year.