Aggies are 19 point underdogs to Bama

tomorrow …

I was at the Neyland last weekend sitting amongst the Vols and they were pretty much resigned to their fate by the start of the second half.

The word amongst the sportscasters is there doesn’t appear to be anyone who can currently handle the Tide right now … their defense is dominant and Hurts has gotten FAR better …

The aggies can only hope the spread will ignite their dander or they can vision the tide as if they were horns … the aggies aren’t chop liver but 19 points places them in the hamburger helper category … :wink:

Sidenote: went to the game from my hotel in a school bus with approx half vols and half tide fans on board … great bunch of folks in great spirit and very friendly … even after the game both sides were good sports and the tide fans did not “rub it in” that they totally dominated TN.

Think the Ags might have a bit more luck, but they didn’t exactly beat the Vols by a lot at home and struggled against Arkansas until late. Unless the Tide give the ball up a bunch, they shouldn’t have many problems.

ATM seems over-rated. I really don’t think the game will be that close.

Hope the Aggies get throttled mercilessly and out of the top ten…

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