Air Raid offense Evolution: Phil Longo (was the SHSU OC in 2016)

(G.W.) #1

I know we never looked at Phil Longo, the OC from Sam Houston State in 2016. Their QB threw 57 TD passes under his air raid style offense. And they were 6th in FCS in rushing at 254 ypg.

Ole Miss signed him as their OC this year. I have not really followed Ole Miss, but SHSU was unstoppable with him at OC. Now their QB and Offense looks pretty mediocre at 18:7 TD:INT ratio.

Below is a nice article on him with a Q&A with Mile Leach. Coach Leach seems to really like what Longo has done with the O. It has WR reads much like the R&S under Jenkins.


Longo was the guy rumored to be Orlando’s pick for OC if Todd Orlando had landed the HC job at UH.

(Patrick) #3

Doubt he would have ended up here as Ole Miss hired him on Dec 15th which was prior to our bowl game.

(G.W.) #4

Followed SHSU and they were REALLY fun to watch. The O seemed unstoppable.
I wonder how Ole Miss will do once they get going. If they can score like Leach it would be worth a look if CMA does not work out. (Hoping CMA comes around)


Can you imagine this board if we’d had a coordinator from the Southland Conference come in, though? The Nesbitt comparisons would be undying.

(G.W.) #6

I get it, but Ole Miss thought he might be pretty good. And Leach too.
57 TD passes in a season is a ton at any level.

This year SHSU will have less than half of that.


Hmmm… Orlando + Longo or Applewhite + D’Onfrio …



In retrospect, wish we could.

(David) #9

I don’t want to. I was an Orlando guy until Major was hired. Too soon…