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I talk about the game here, via I’d appreciate the page clicks so I can get paid. I wrote about yesterday’s Rose Bowl, the matchup next week and how Kirby Smart changed Georgia for the better. Thanks and hope you all had a great New Year’s.

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Clicked for you, though I won’t be watching the SEC championship game


I will click this for you but this is no more of a “National Championship game” than Ohio St. - Penn St would be.

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Thanks guys. I hear ya. This is the system we have. Hopefully one day we get an 8 team playoff, or more. Our Coogs could have beaten any team in 2015. Just as UCF could have beaten any team yesterday.

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Jimmy, I enjoy reading your articles. This so called National Championship game is a scam. There is no other way to describe it. UCF deserves this title even more that these two.
What about if all writers covering this farce will unite and demand a 16 Teams playoff competition?
10 conference Champions and six at large. Strength of schedule the P5 may say? They get the six at large.
What is really going one here Jimmy is that these P5 do not want to “spread” the money. This has never been about sports but about ten of $Millions. They want to get richer and excludes the G5’s from it. HOW UN-AMERICAN IS THIS?
Are writers willing to tell the truth?
How long is this scam going to continue Jimmy?
The P5’s and espn think we are idiots. Guess what? We won’t be watching. The boycott will get bigger and stronger as long as this farce of a championship continues.
I do enjoy reading you Jimmy that is not a farce.

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Done. Thanks for the consistently good work.

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Clicked, Jimmy. Great job


Clicked. Jimmy owes Jeepins a beer.

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Thanks again guys. And I agree with Chris. It is a farce, but writers just report on what they see. I myself don’t have an outlet to write on what kind of $cam college football is, and writers that cover the major universities won’t say a word as not to upset their readers.

Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel was on the Paul Finebaum show on the SEC Network a few days ago and he schooled Finebaum on why UCF should be considered the national champs and how Monday’s game was just a “consolation game.” Finebaum being part of the elitist media turned his nose down on him, and accused him of being a homer and not reporting facts. The hypocrisy is hysterical with some of these people. In the end it all rests in the hands of the university presidents. Renu needs to start a campaign with fellow university presidents if anything is ever really going to happen as far as giving G5 teams legitimate access to the playoffs.

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I wholeheartedly agree with you. Aresco’s comments responding to UCF lifting the banner and his past employment with CBS and espn is a story by itself. I encourage you to dig deeper into what Aresco is doing with the AAC. His actions speak of a major conflict of interest.
Keep up the good work Jimmy.

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  1. Both lost to Auburn

  2. Are not 2017 NCAA National Champions

This is a word completion thread right?