Alabama knew what it was doing


played a hard fought game against Mercer. Half the team did not play in the second half, therefore too out of shape to beat Auburn. But wait a minute, they were already in the playoff, why play a meaningless conference championship game. What get a player hurt for no reason.

enjoy your holiday season and only watch games with AAC teams in them.


(JohnnyCougar) #2


The way Auburn cleaned their plow–they did not deserve to get in.

(Butch) #4

The Tide did not even win its division much less its conference title…it is all a huge scam…

(Monte P Gilliam) #5

I dont like Ohio State, but they rightfully deserve to be enraged, being left out as BIG champs when Alabama gets in…Ironic, because they got IN last year like Bama did this year, with Penn State getting screwed…2 years in a row, BIG champs are left out, while team that didnt win its conference is invited…System needs to be changed.

(Jim Fletcher) #6

The emperor has no clothes.

Everyone knows that the so-called “playoff system” is a beauty contest. If the committee of all-knowing and all-seeing experts wants someone in their little tournament, then winning it on the field means nothing.

In fact, I’m ready to declare PSJ as the national champions in basketball because they pass the eye-test. There is something to college football’s way of thinking.

(Dan) #7

I’m sure all the other schools in the country would like to participate in tOSU and Bama’s “take a bye week and watch everyone else earn their way into the playoff” deal. Is that available to all the other schools?

(Cristian) #8

Some of the comments on an Alabama forum

I literally SMH every time one of these idiots says “you have to win your conference to make the playoffs” - as if that means the second best team in the country will always be some conference champion. Nobody believes OSU is better than Bama outside of Columbus, yet people keep repeating that mantra.

So if a conference champ had 4 losses, they would be in simply for winning their conference. I thought a playoff was about having the best teams in.

Every few years people will argue about expanding the playoff format. It becomes a slippery slop. 4 teams, period. End of story.

To me that doesnt matter if theyre second best. The fact that they won when it counted is what should be upheld. Not “oh my roster is better and theres more money thrown with us in the playoff therefore we are supposed to be in the playoff” Entitlement at its finest

(Russel ) #9

OSU got blown out in their 2 losses…does that even matter to people?


Just read where Mercer is the most desired opponent for 2018 in the eyes of the p5’s left out of playoff.

Git’er done - Hunter!

Ps. Fresno st. is a close second. One out of two ain’t bad.


Maybe they shouldn’t have let Iowa beat them by 31 points.

(Marcus) #12

What’s most amazing to me is that Alabama didn’t have one quality win the whole season. LSU is probably their best win, and they’re barely top 25. For those that knocked UCF’s strength of schedule, I’d argue they had better wins than Bama this year. This “eyeball test” allows for the most abstract ranking. Might as well be figure skating.


It’s not a playoff, it’s a ratings generator. They know what they’re doing. If it were a real playoff they’d take conference champions at a minimum 8 teams. At 8 they’d still find a way to screw an undefeated G5 out of an at large bid. Don’t like that a 4 loss conference champion makes it in but they still won their conference which is line with any other playoff ever held. Why is D1 football so special? Because the powers that be would hate to have Vanderbilt playing Northwestern one year for the championship. It would be a disaster for TV ratings or so they believe. This subjective committee can do what they want, it’s a sham. In a real playoff format with 10 conference champions and a couple at large teams, I think the powers that be are scared to death that a G5 could make a run in the playoffs, so it’ll never happen.