Alabama Not Happy - espn article

Apparently times are tough all over. :joy:


I guess they go through the same thing we do with their tv contractor. I didn’t figure the titans of ncaa fb playing anything but night games. I know 11am games here can be beasts, sometimes until Oct’s end.

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Some complaints from Big Ten fans too about early kickoff times. Seems like maybe the networks are shaking some of these things up.

Not to worry. Result will be that all 11:00 am games next year will be assigned to G5 teams below the Mason Dixon line, until cold weather hits, then they will be assigned to P5 teams.


I think the ESPN exec who decides a team from the south has to kick off at 11 am has to leave the temperate confines of Bristol, Connecticut and stand on the sidelines of said game for duration of said game.


Then we need to make sure we get the games on Thurs and Friday in September because last year was the most extreme heat I have ever sat through at that Rice game and I have been going to games for 20 plus years.

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It is hilarious. Saban is crying because he is not getting his way. What is not hilarious is the fact that it becomes a headline on espn. At the same time we have lived through it for years and we never made the espn headlines. That is what happens when the cartel drives the bus.


Cry about 2:30 start times? I get that. 11 am? I don’t get that.

Well good news is that Sabans tears get results. Unfortunately I think that just means Bama gets more choice slots.

He’s upset because he will have to get up extra early for his coffee and little Debbie

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The “cartel” is so effective they are still playing 11:00 am games. Sounds like a turf war in the making