Alamodome (baby friendly?)

Does anyone know if the Alamodome has a place for nursing mother’s to go feed? Also, our tickets are in club level. Is there a lounge or some kind of lobby for me or my wife to take the baby and sit? I know NRG and Minute Maid have something like that in the club levels.

Most big stadiums have a first aid station with curtained areas for treating guests with minor illnesses and medical conditions. I expect they would let your wife and baby occupy one of their cots for a feeding. If not, they could probably direct her to the appropriate designated area.

They do have “Family” restrooms in the stadium

Here’s some info on Louges in the Club level. This is for the Alamo Bowl, but I imagine the areas will be available for the game.

Hall of Fame Lounge, Behind Section 244 – Come enjoy this sport themed hospitality lounge with a full bar and big screen T.V.’s. Our feature pour for the evening will be rum inspired creations courtesy of Sailor Jerry’s.

Bud Light Club Lounge @ Section 219 – Nothing goes together better than football & beer. This lounge is a popular hangout where you can find a variety of Budweiser products.

Tower View Court Section 238, Sunset View Grill Section 230, Southern Pacific Grill Section 208, East Side Grill 215 – You are sure to find food and beverage concessions that cater to whatever you are in the mood for in these locations.

The Alamodome has just gone through a lot of renovations recently so I contacted them this morning with your question and received this reply via email:

“Usually for most events their will be a nursing room but at this time a specific room hasn’t been assigned. Be careful the items you bring and make sure you follow the clear bag policy enforced for diaper bags. No water bottles allowed and diaper bag has to be a child’s or baby diaper bag. Otherwise what happens its thrown away or go back to car to leave. Please follow the bag policy. Once you are in for UTSA ask usher attendant for the room assigned for nursing mothers.”


Last year my wife was nursing, but just covered up and there were no issues with it. Only issue we did have was that my son didnt like the headphones and it gets pretty loud in the dome. As Para said though, there should be some stations available come game day.

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Im really surprised at the amount, and how often UTSA respond to us on our site. I think I speak for us all when I say were greatly appreciated of your help and the information you provide. Can’t wait to see you guys for game day!


Thank you. Whatever the score, I always hope that people enjoy their game day experience playing the Roadrunners in San Antonio.

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Last time I was there my kids were little babies. He was crying like crazy and my wife said I needed to change him. So I went to the restroom and found the changing station. I wanted him to stop crying and change him. I guess the baby changer was broken. I put him on it, closed it shut and every time I opened it, it was still my kid. It didn’t change him for another baby…oh well. I just kept him.

(The above was a joke, not to be taken literally).


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