Alan Bishop: The great thing about here at UH, we have EVERYTHING within our basketball program. We have a staff and a head coach that we all have each other's backs

Coach Alan Bishop: “I mean we’re going to be essentially running in three-man groups for the time being.”


2nd of 3 articles with Coach Bishop – …“I think the greatest part about what we have here at UH is we have great people. We have great coaches. We have great support staff. We have great athletes.”…

Houston’s Alan Bishop - “When it comes to a mindset, I want to inspire a person.


My 3rd of 3 articles from my interview with Coach Bishop:

“The great thing about here at UH, we have EVERYTHING within our basketball program. We have a staff and a head coach that we all have each other’s backs.”


3 great articles. Thanks for posting.

You’re welcome. Coach Bishop is a good guy and a fun interview.

Awesome stuff Kris! Thanks for the write up. That third part was particularly great! Bishop is a huge part of our success and should be taken care of accordingly. I hope he’s here to stay for a long time.

I would love to play basketball just to get the food…


It looks great but I am not sure I burn enough calories for their portions!



My problem is that I eat like I always have, but am not as physically active as I always was. When I was in high school, I couldn’t get above 135 regardless of what I ate, until dad made me quit football in the middle of the 11th grade. By time I graduated I was 145, but still very active. Now I eat the same way and am over 200 – not a good look for a guy 5’-6" tall.


Same for me – never could gain wait until I started spending most of my week sitting behind a computer. I am 6’1" ish and got up to 210 to 220 lbs at one point.

2016-2017 was my turning point when I joined a virtual Health program at work that was comprised of a weekly meeting with a coach and other members learning and discussing healthier living. Some of my healthier trade-offs were wrong but most of my issue was inactivity. Corrected both (and paid attention to my portion sizes) and got as low as the 170s. I thought I looked a little sickly at that weight and have settled in the 180s for now.

0.5 lb to 1 lb of weight loss per week was the goal – people scoffed at that as being too slow but that is 25 to 50 lbs of weight loss in a year without binge dieting / fruit cleanses / etc.

It was funny to think about how I would pass up no-name gas stations because I wanted to put quality fuel in my car but I wasn’t willing to put in the same effort and concern to watch what I was putting in my body for my overall health.


If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.

Heard that decades ago. Did not really believe it.

Now I am a big believer.

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