All time UH basketball trivia question


Who did UH play the game before the Game of the Century with UCLA and who did they play the game after UCLA?

(Munzell Milluns) #2

I would say the same lineup.

(Tom Green) #3

They played Fairfield the game after bec Pete Gillum mentioned it last night on the broadcast n gave a plug to Delmar Fieldhouse. I always tell people I saw Big E play at Delmar n they be like huh!!.


We played West Texas A&M before the UCLA game. UH won 98-53. UH ranking #2.

We played Lamar after the UCLA game. UH won 112-79. UH ranking #1.

Fairfield followed Lamar on the schedule.

(Tom Green) #5

Well Gillum was close, he’s old like me. I could have looked it up but figure he was right about gm after.

(Larry ) #6

That West Texas State game on Jan. 13, 1968, was the first Cougar basketball game I saw in person. I remember Guy started off in a full court press, and the Coogs were up something like 12 to 0 before the Buffaloes ever got it across mid court. As a kid, it seemed like Don Chaney and George Reynolds’ arms stretched from one side to the other side of the court at old Delmar Fieldhouse, and West Texas State couldn’t get a ball past them.

(Tom Green) #7

Good stuff, great memories. My first gm I attended was that season against Century, I was 9. Early Jan I think.


I have that same recollection that Don Chaney (the Duck) had fingers that seemed 12 inches long. As I recall he was the first one I ever saw dribble behind his back and to pass it behind his back. It was a big deal back in the day and so was the dunk. Things have changed.