Allen wasn't the only one who had a bad game

(JohnnyCougar) #1

This sorry excuse for a wasted opportunity was a team effort. We came out flat, lost balls, couldn’t tackle or run or block.

Plenty of blame to go around all over but Postma did look more productive to me. I’d give him a shot or maybe I’d give Allen the first half against Temple. I don’t know.

I liked the P6 flag and the P6 sign on the sticks.

Hope it was just cramps Big Ed had.

(Ryon Adams) #2

The defense falling asleep on that long TD hurt. But Allen coughed up the ball multiple times, and didn’t have Postma’s ability to run/scramble/improvise, and create multiple dilemmas for the opposing defense.

As high on Allen as I was after the Rice game, I can’t see starting him over Postma now.

Our receivers had dropped balls, and we obviously made some special teams errors as well.

I agree that all wins and losses are as a team.

But I think that Postma gives us a better chance of winning than Allen.

(Eric Prado) #3

I don’t understand how anyone can blame the defense. They kept us in the game.

I’m forgiving of the three big plays because they also prevented many touchdowns and forced FGs.

What was the final stat with of TTs QB in passes above 10 yards?

(Ryon Adams) #4

For the most part I think we did a good job on defense.

That one long TD pass where everyone was asleep though…take that back…and we win.

All wins and losses are team efforts, ultimately.

(Eric Prado) #5

Or take back the INT in the red zone by Allen and we have FG. Tied for OT

(PMM) #6

The defense wasn’t asleep… the coaching staff was !

(Eric) #7

agreed. our D is the only reason this game was close. They gave up a few big plays but they played a hell of a game. This loss is 100% on our pathetic excuse of an offense.

(Eric Prado) #8

I’ll not sure which play you’re talking about but I remember seeing Grant Stuard take the bait on one of the big defensive mishaps. Shame because he was only in for that one play. Big error by him.


Lots of “what if this happened!” type scenarios for this game for both teams.

(Jimmy Morris) #10

I believe the final count was 1-10 with an interception on passes over 10 yards. The irony is that the two biggest plays for Tech were running plays.

(Eric Prado) #11

That’s what I kept saying in the stands.


Nobody’s blaming the defense, but I think it’s fair to point out that they made a handful of really huge mistakes, and that needs to get cleaned up.

(Jimmy Morris) #13

True, but those weren’t on the secondary that so many people claimed to be our biggest concern.

Let’s also be clear that it was 3 mistakes out of 78 plays against an offense that everyone thought was going to score over 40 against us.


I mean, getting burned on that 80-yard TD certainly was. And the overpursuit on the counter was, too. But I’ll be the first to admit that the defense as a whole has looked substantially better thus far this season – and especially in this game – than I envisioned.

(Jimmy Morris) #15

That is one play though. That can be as simple as one miscommunication. Let’s see if any secondary in the Big 12 holds Tech’s defense to one big passing play all year.

(Butch) #16

Our defense got buzzed for 521 yards and it doesn’t matter that Tech had three big plays…there is no way this Tech offense is remotely close to last year’s bunch…


No, it’s probably better. Last year’s Tech offense probably would have lost the game because the QB didn’t run the offense, turned the ball over, and took huge losses. Their running game and OL are also better, and they returned their main receiving corps.

(Jimmy Morris) #18

So you are upset that the defense gave up 24 points to Tech’s offense?


I heard a stat on tv last season where the commentator said that statistically in football overall, the team that wins the turnover battle by 1 wins the game 80% of the time. He then said that the win percentage jumps to 90% if the team wins the turnover battle by two. We love st the turnover battle 5-1 and only lost the game by 3. Turnovers is why we lost this game.

Btw, Allen now has 5 turnovers and 4 td’s on the year which is pathetic

(Eric Prado) #20

That tells me you know nothing about football.