AMC Stock

Rumors of a squeeze. There is a highly intelligent group of posters here. What do yall say?

Robin-hood has come to Coogfans.

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For $10 a share buy a few and gamble on it.

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I ain’t investin’ no money in no Gremlins…no matter how cheap they are.


This has aged well. Get it while it’s hot. Like cougar tickets. If it keeps going I’ll have a suite. Ha

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My dad bought 500 shares at $8 and sold today at $40. He ended up making $18,000 in profit.

great trade. It hit 61, don’t tell him.

Still going. 70!

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Run and shoot numbers

“Crazy $AMC saw more volume today than $AMZN ever has”

Eric Balchunas @EricBalchunas via Twitter

The end of times. Shoe shine boys asking for stock tips.

A monkey can make money in this market.

When the Fed stops buying treasuries and rates start climbing, brokers will be swimming in rivers of blood

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This has EVERY warning sign of a market top.

Maybe so

“AMC had initially surged in the premarket after nearly doubling Wednesday, but fell 9.7% after the filing.”

AMC has nothing to do with wallstreet. Like with GME, it was funny that the talking heads on financial news media, were saying that it doesn’t jive with fundamentals. NO CRAP! Its a squeeze!


I knew I should’ve pulled the trigger on AMC last week… Oh well… Rest of my portfolio is up.

Here is a great article about AMC.

That happened on the 27th of April. This stock is squeezing.

Looks like $16k to me.

Just over $11k after short-term capital gains tax.

Pretty nice ROI for not a lot of work, or risk.

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