American Athletic Conference looking outside the box for next TV deal?


Aresco appears plenty willing to break that mold, and may be eyeing up a revolutionary idea of shopping his conference product to a non-traditional platform like Netflix, Amazon, or other providers of digital content that can deliver the content in multiple ways.

He already has a deal with Amazon to broadcast some women’s basketball games. So why not do it for men’s basketball and football too?


Show me the money!

I just dumped directv and subscribed to Sony vue. I pay 60 a month and get all the channels I want plus two movie channels.


In the process of dumping UVerse for Vue via FireTV. If they could get CBS / CBS Sports and Root Sports, I would be very satisfied. Either cable / satellite providers will change their practices or they are going to lose a lot more subscribers to this new solution. Wish I had done this sooner.

Holy crap, that’s a great deal. Half the cost of DirecTV.

I would like to look for an alternative to DirecTV, but I just can’t find any other devices that offer Root… big Rockets/ Astros fan here…

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I dumped cable a long time ago in favor of Amazon Prime, Tivo and an informal cost-sharing arrangement for a DirectTV login so I can watch games on the WatchESPN app (don’t tell anyone). Not sure about viewership over a platform like Amazon for live sporting events, but I’m all for it since I’m already there.

If you are going the Vue route DO NOT get the Fire Stick. Get the box. Fire Stick performance is horrible. I use SlingTV and decided to try the Vue via Fire Stick. Terrible performance, good guide. I use a Roku3 for my NF, Hulu, Amazon, SlingTV, WatchESPN. I used to have to use the individual NBC Sports and Fox Sports Go apps but now SlingTV carries those channels.

Vue is great I guess if you use the Fire TV but here is why I dropped my subscription:

  • NO Mobile plaform.

Now, Sony will say, but you CAN install the Vue app on your iPad and phones and tablets…

Yeah but you CANT use them outside your house! Whats the point?

With SlingTV I can stream ALL of my channels WITHOUT the “Mobile Restricted” bullshe-it hassle. I have SlingTV installed on all my stuff (laptop, Roku3, work iPhone, personal Samsung S7 Edge, iPad) and I can watch it anywhere I have data access.

The other sticking point that pisses me off is that if you dont have a Amazon Fire device or PS4 you can’t even sign up for the service. What the hell Sony? With SlingTV, its as easy as going to their website and creating an account. Done.

Like I said, Vue is cool and I like their Guide and channels as SlingTv does not have rights to the Discovery family of channels but other than that, I’m a very happy Sling customer.

Potatoe Potato stuff I guess.

I’m a Roku user as well. Great device! Amazon Prime, Netflix, WatchESPN, YouTube, SlingTV, HBOGo, etc, etc, etc…

So, we have people moan that when our games aren’t shown on the broadcast networks or ESPN or ESPN2, we lose eyeballs because people can’t look up the game time and channel. Too much trouble.

Using Amazon or Netflix streaming will immediately eliminate a huge swath of fans. Some future potential but not a great idea for at least for the next decade.

If they pay each AAC school $8MM-$10MM dollars a year, I would be surprised to see fans not willing to pay $15/month or less to see their teams. It isn’t just the AAC. Other conferences are seriously considering the digital platform. It is time to get onboard if you haven’t already.

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H-Town. If it can draw fans across from cable to pay the premiums, great. If Netflix was our only way to view games, I’d sign up. However, it isn’t the “digital” part of streaming that’s the barrier, but the fact that lots of people like me don’t care for movies or TV series enough to pay extra (maybe we are a small subset) will need to be drawn to the platform. I had Amazon Prime for a year and rarely took advantage of it. I know it has some great content, but it doesn’t fit everyone’s wants.

Yeah, I can see streaming as an ancillary means to show games and raise revenue, but can’t see any digital media outlet giving teams $8MM or more.

Netflix and Amazon have ramped up their spending on movies and TV programs for their respective subscription Net TV services so much that they are surpassing many traditional networks, such as HBO. Last year, Netflix spent nearly $5 billion on content, while Amazon spent $2.67 billion — that’s more than twice the amount each spent in 2014.

Last year, the only networks outspending Netflix and Amazon were Disney-ABC ($11.84 billion), NBC ($10.27 billion) and CBS ($5.7 billion), according to a recent report from IHS Markit. Even with its dragon-fueled fantasy series Game of Thrones, HBO spent only $2 billion.

This right here. As an OOTC I’ll gladly pay to see my Coogs. I’ll gladly cut the cord and jump on SlingTV. Not sure how well it works where I live, though.

I agree the Fire Stick performance is terrible. I have a Fire Stick for my 2nd smaller TV and a the Fire Gaming Edition for the big screen. Performance and response time on the latter is better. Since I already have Amazon Prime account, I went with Vue and Fire. Plus, Amazon provides file backup / “personal cloud” services and I am trying to simplify.

I did the Sling vs. Vue compare and ultimately decided on Vue given the total package with the ESPNs. Neither has Root Sports so there was no decision there. I will give up on Rockets and Astros games because I rarely have time to watch entire games and the cost savings is more important.

If anyone knows how you can stream CBS Sports, I am interested in learning. If we get to On Demand NCAA sports, I will gladly go to next to nothing for subscription and pay for consumption.

If I am the AAC, not sure I want to be the pioneer with this unless you think you can get overpaid to be the first before MWC or Sun Belt, etc. go that direction.

You might check out CBS All Access for streaming CBS Sports, but I think there are restrictions on NFL games. I have Vue and just use a HD antenna for Texans games and anything else on CBS.

Thanks. I will check again but I did not see their CBS Sports broadcasts available for streaming

I agree with Joe. The fire-stick is not a good performer. I use an old Roku that deliver much better streaming. Even the Chrome cast in my TV is not very good. So as far as hardware I am sticking to Roku. On programming note Sony Vue was the way to go for the house. It just offers most all sports channels and kids chnanles. Again no outside viewing which I think is a agreement that Sony made with content. Another item is ease of payment and sign up for Vue. Its all Japanese. No really its not very intuitive. Again the programming is excellent and teamed with a Roku box cant be beat for $60 a month. Sling is better in everything else but the programming is not as strong. If Sling offered a stronger lineup i would change in a heartbeat.

I just went back to comcast. I cut the cord about 4 years ago. I was paying for Netflix, hulu, sling and Amazon prime plus Internet that has 75mbps speed. I found myself paying almost $160 a month for everything, I told comcast and the got me to $150 a month. Now I don’t have a bootlegged espn login and their mobile app is amazing. I found sling to be irritating with the single login. Comcast has five logins and it streams anywhere. Very pleased with it, and now I have cbs sports as well.

I understand the digital platform option but I think the jury is out if they are actually cheaper when you add it all together. People are leaving off internet access cost, where are you getting that from. Can’t quite cut the cord there.

Also, how would digital platforms work for restaurants and bars? No viewing parties? Good luck trying to talk Buffalo Wild wings into logging in to Prime, Netflix or Youtube to show the games. It would likely mean a license fee for them but would they want to pay it?

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