American Athletic Conference pushing to hold onto more of its star coaches

(Patrick) #1

“Sometimes it’s a question of money. Matt Rhule got offered an awful lot of money to go to Baylor. If we get a TV deal that’s better than the last one and significantly better, we might be able to pay these guys rates comparable to some of those P-5 schools,” Aresco said. “We’re competitive with the middle and lower end of the P5 but the very top ends, the Urban Meyers of the world. … Tom Herman makes more in taxes than he would have made at Houston, but he was still making about $3 million.”

(Chris) #2

This is AAC propaganda. Coaches, any Coaches want to Coach at the highest level. The fact that G5’s Teams have no chance to be in the cfp is the only reason why Coaches go to a P5 Team.
For the same amount or even less money what is more appealing? Would you choose a P5 program or a G5 program? That is the ridiculous reality of College football today. Aresco is blowing up smoke.

(David) #3

P5 programs are losing coaches to other P5 programs. There are only a handful of schools that are safe from this. G5 might be more vulnerable to it but it is not a G5 only problem.


Ask Oregon, Taggert, one and done.


Exactly. If Oregon, with all their Nike-based resources, can’t keep a coach, money isn’t the only reason.

(CoogDentist) #6

It’s hard to tell what motivates a person. Sometimes it’s more money, sometimes it’s the work environment or even location ( big town/ small town). I don’t think the answer to everything is more money.

(PMM) #7

Herman “makes” more in taxes ???

Is he stealing from the state…maybe I just answered my own question !


I think perception is key as well. For some reason FSU is considered a better job than Oregon. People will refer to FSU’s history, but if I’m a new coach, I would have enough sense to know that those “glory” teams are not going to be apart of my roster. That being said, there are better recruits in Florida than the state of Oregon. I think that may have been a factor, as well.

(Cristian) #9

Well with Oregon you have blue chip kids who are more motivated by the stuff than the win. Once you obtain something you’re kinda eh about it and look for the next thing. Plus they’re in a tough conference. Their losses were to Stanford, UCLA, A state and both Washingtons’ and lets not forget this last loss.


Tougher than the ACC, well, I guess that’s debatable.

(Bryant Hargrave) #11

Taggert is and always will be a Florida guy. That was the big reason for his bailing. He was a Florida guy, and a topprogram in his home base came up.

(David) #12

The system is broken but those benefiting from it don’t want to fix it. Sure, there will be an exception like Taggert or Frost that it is a location / return home (Alma Mater) type of situation but, when the buyouts for one off-season total more than what 75% of the D1 programs spend annually on their ENTIRE athletics, it’s broken.

(Jimmy Morris) #13

Not quite. Those schools you refer to lose coaches to the NFL.


Agreed, 1985coog.

(David) #15



Texas Tech also has no chance to be in the cfp. Their coach left p5 for g5.

(Jimmy Morris) #17

The biggest irony of not being able to stop coaches from “going home” or going to the “top destinations” is that we hire a UT player as a head coach to replace the head coach that went home to UT. Does anyone believe that if Applewhite wins 10 to 11 games the next two years and Herman has two more years of 6 to 7 wins, we won’t be doing another coaching search?

(Eric Prado) #18

As long as CMA is honest about it, I’d say at least our program is doing better than theirs.

(Mark) #19

Then I say keep letting UT give us millions to fail to stay on our level

(WRB) #20

I hope CMA leaving because we are hitting 10-11 wins per season is something we must be concerned with.