American Athletic Conference: The Rise - Season 3 Episode 14

Seven American teams will see their seasons continue in bowl games as the lineup for the 2016 postseason was announced this past Sunday.

The Temple Owls had plenty of reason to celebrate at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium last Saturday as the Owls were wire-to-wire winners against Navy to claim their first American Athletic Conference Championship. We take a look back at the 2016 Football championship game between the temple owls and the navy midshipmen.

UConn Men’s Basketball got the week off to a good start, rallying from an 11-point deficit midway through the second half to knock off former big east rival Syracuse, 52-50, at a frenzied Madison Square Garden.

there is NOTHING rising about a league that lost every good coach it had except the Navy lifer…

Maybe, but there are a lot of good up and coming coaches in this league; and, at least, 2 of the 3 schools that lost coaches should hire good replacements. Plus, Tubs left so that’s addition by subtraction.

Montgomery’s got Tulsa playing well. Norvell kept Memphis in contention after losing Fuente. Morris is beefing SMU up. Frost has UCF in a bowl a year after being winless. Fritz has his work cut out, but he’s a solid coach. And as you said, Navy still has Niumatalalo. We’ll get a solid coach as will USF and the talent on both teams should keep us both in contention near the top.

Diaco is…not good so far. Jury is out on Montgomery at ECU. Cincy and Temple are worrisome in that they don’t seem to be attractive to big name coaches.

Conference is still in good shape…Next man up.

It’s tough being a G5 conference. The income differential begins to show as does the status differential in this rigged system. Nevertheleess the winner of this conference has a better shot at a NY6 bowl than do 90% of so-called P5 teams. And with the right coach UH is the odds on favorite to win this conference every year. And with several NY6 appearances UH will build the kind of reputation it takes to make the CFP. That will help us land in a G5 cinference. Herman did get us over the hump.

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Yep. Western Michigan had to go undefeated and were still worried about a 2 loss Navy team passing them before Navy lost this last week. We’re basically in the same position in regards to other G5 conferences that we are to P5s when it comes to the playoffs.

Problem is that P5s get that NY6 bowl even if they don’t make the playoffs. Are so needs to get us better bowl tie-ins.

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