American Football Helmet Schedule

(Patrick) #1


(Dave) #2

First week EVERYONE except UH has a poor sisters/worse than a cupcake opponent …

Towson faces powerhouses like the blue hens and red chickens … and

UMaine ACTUALLY has a football stadium??!! besides moose wandering around the campus. :wink:


That’s ok, we have our share of cupcakes. Just hope none of our conference mates lay an egg against any of them either.


All I care about is our team taking care of business and going 1-0 every week. If we can do that, then I will worry about other teams’ schedule and records in hopes that it helps our postseason chances.


Hey, good find dude! This is pretty cool!

(David) #6

And UH plays Lamar in Week 2 while Baylor, Ohio State, Purdue and Michigan are playing other AAC teams. Something about pot and kettle…

(Dave) #7

Uhhh keep your panty hose from getting knotted up … cougar dave … never stated rest of year … JUST FIRST WEEK!!!

(David) #8

I have been wad - free for a long time.

(Patrick) #9

Updated kickoff times from the Conference:

(The Merry Prankster) #10

Interesting to note that out of the seven games on ESPN, we are in three of them. Top dog always gets the attention.