An Early Look At UH's 2018 Opponents | Ryan Monceaux

(Patrick) #1

Nice rundown of next year’s schedule

(David) #2

UH did face Tate in Arizona. He may not have started against the Coogs but he did get into the game:

“UH didn’t face QB Khalil Tate last year in Tucson but he leads an offense that finished #3 in rushing in 2017. Tate ran for 1411 yards & 12 TDs despite not starting until week 6.”

And I don’t understand the reference to breaking in a new QB for UH with King coming back. I guess he could get competition but that seems to be a stretch at this point. King has an arm and has elite speed. We will see I guess.

Overall, the schedule seems to be in the Coogs’ favor in 2018.


King is the starter but that doesn’t mean someone can’t out perform him and win the job. It would take some performance to do that.

I think AZ will be our toughest opponent next fall. Sumlin is walking in to a talented roster and I think he’ll win 10 games maybe more.

I will always worry about SMU on the road after 2016. Can’t wait to put 100 on Tulsa again. I’m not joking. I want us to beat them stupid.

(Alfred Matthews) #4

Arizona should be tough. Tech is our toughest opponent since its on the road. Zona will still be breaking in a new offense under Sumlin.


Any room for me to add Tulane to the “beat them stupid list”?

(David) #6

Definitely agree that someone could step up and challenge King but, for now, without seeing the offense or any practice reps, it seemed like pure speculation. You could say it about every team with a returning QB. Felt like an odd comment to me that was all.


itll be memphis…the lose the startng qb and star wr…

but they added a grad transfer all-americn top 40 qb recruit (who was recruited by norvell to ASU, so is familiar with his system, who has multiple years of eligible because of an injury redshirt)…and david moore has been in norvell system for 3 years now

between them 2 i feel 1 is bound to be decent


Not my words but CMA called him the starter. I’m cool with that until someone takes it from him.