Andy Katz' Power 36 (UH #29)

Quote: 29. Houston : The Cougars took a hit when Armoni Brooks stayed in the draft. But there is something special in Houston now under Kelvin Sampson. The toughness is ingrained in the system. And Sampson is high on Dejon Jarreau and Fabian White Jr., as a 1-2 punch for the Cougars.


Deeky has already tweeted about the preseason disrespect we’re getting with Armoni gone. A talented Coog with a chip on his shoulder is a very dangerous thing.


Dude loves him some big east. Which is weird.

Katz will be all over us in the preseason as a dark horse possibility. He and Rothstein love them some Coog basketball.


Damnnnnnn what a drop :grimacing::grimacing::rage:

From #15 to -------------> #29

I get Armoni would of been:

Possibly our best player early on
Average around 18 ppg
Sniper of a shooter (42% from 3 Land)
Solid rebounder & defender due to his length
Provided extremely nice depth for the season

But come on…

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So who do you all see as the starting guard rotation? Jarreau, Hinton, Mills? Maybe we go with 3 forwards, instead of 3 guards? Just curious.

Yes, I also think Ced moves to guard (or whatever you want to call the 3) full time unless we go small, which we shouldn’t do much this year.

I love him but his outside shot was sporadic, i am more worried about losing Galen.


I would rather drop pre-season than by end of season. I think we finish strong and will be ranked closer to top 10 than #29.

Sadder will step in to the other guard slot. The kid can shoot and he has pretty good handles. I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t get playing time, especially since he’s a pretty good defender.

You mean Sasser, right. Well, he’s a true freshman and if he’s really good, he will probably get Hinton-like minutes.