Andy Katz’s Power 36: Predicting who’s in and out of the NCAA tournament (Feb. 12)

(Ricky ) #1
  1. Houston (17)

The Cougars knocked off SMU and Tulane at home. The latter avenged a road loss earlier in the season. Houston has won five of the last six games. So, no reason to bump them down.


I’m ok with Katz bumping is down a notch. He’s probably one of the few national media guys who has been extremely high on us for a long time now…probably since shortly after the Drexel loss.

Like I’ve mentioned before… Katz > Lunardi (who would probably throw us in the 16th seed if he could…and if it didn’t make him look like an idiot).


They aren’t doing the same thing. Katz is ranking his best 36 teams. Lunardi is predicting who the committee will select and where they will be seeded, not who the committee should select.

EDIT: I realize that the title of the post has “predicting”, which is odd because Katz pretty clearly isn’t doing that. Maybe his “prediction” is forward looking based on how he expects every team to end up by the end of the season. He pretty clearly isn’t predicting what would happen if the committee made their selections today, which is what Lunardi is doing.

(Randy Randel) #4

Katz was the color guy for the Drexel game. Unlike many of our knowledgeable fans, he never wavered on UH. He realized it would take some time for the new guys fitting in and the roles each would play. Not only the new guys but look how much Rob’s game has changed. His highest scoring game was Drexel and we ended up losing, not because of Rob but roles weren’t established. Of course Drexel’s FT defense was awesome😀