Andy Katz's Power 36: Who's in the NCAA tournament? (Dec. 11)

(Eric Prado) #1

The Houston team I saw at Liberty in the Paradise Jam had the pieces but didn’t have the experience of playing together yet to finish off games. Well, the past month has proven fruitful. Houston followed up the Arkansas win at home on Dec. 2 by crushing Fairfield and Saint Louis, the latter on the road. The defense has been lock down, limiting SLU to just 58 points. Houston’s motto is “For the City,’’ and it’s going to stick this season because the Cougars don’t appear to be letting anyone down.

(Patrick) #2

Katz seems to be following the “recent trend” polling from Sagarin which also has us at #12.

Big week and a half ahead with the LSU and Providence games coming up.

(Brad) #3

Surprised to see us ahead of Cincy…sooooo far ahead of Cincy.

Hang her there SMOOOO


For what it’s worth we picked up 3 points in the AP and 8 in Coaches poll. So people are noticing. I’m getting some tickets for the Temple game. I think that will be a good one, too.

(Dan) #5

Wow. Number 12 from a respected national figure. Wow. Just keep winning.


Is one thing to be winning, but the last two wins have been blow outs against some pretty decent competition.