Angelo St Exhibition (W 106-42)

Who is all going to the game Sat?

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at this point my Wife and I are thinking about making it a double header with a nice dinner in between.



Of course; don’t I always?

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Has anyone else heard the game is free. I feel I was told that at Cougar Madness but have no evidence to back it up. If it is I would like to take alot of family.


I’ll be there with bells on…and clothes.


Is this game included in our season ticket package? I have not yet received my package so that is why I am asking.

Do we just show up or contact Ticket Office. Kids would love this!

OK - called ticket office, no ticket in season ticket package as we do not need a ticket to attend. I asked about parking and they told me season ticket holders will receive a parking pass for this game in the same parking for the rest of the games.

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What doubleheader on the 9th?

WBB and MBB!

We’ll be there. We’ll be loud. We’ll have newspapers.

Can you guys get a “you let the whole team down” chant when the opponent makes a mistake?

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Let’s see what we can do

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Just got my ticket package and there is a ticket for Angelo State (marked Exhibition) in the book.


Are the Angelo State tickets have your season ticket seat location or just “exhibition” and sit anywhere you find an open seat?

They have my seat location. Since I want to bring two friends, I’ll call ticket office for clarification.

Just talked to young woman in ticket office and she confirmed that the game is free and it is open seating, but they still sent season ticket holders exhibition game tickets with their regular seating printed on them. Confusing? Sounds like that to me.

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