Announced attendance prediction for Lamar-- GO

(Tom Green) #1

I’m going to go with 4,825.
Send them in JEROME!

(Cristian) #2


(Gerald) #3


(Dan) #4


(Jimmy Morris) #5

Announced attendance 6,500. Actual attendance 5k


I’ll price is right you at 4824.


Between 4500 and 5K

(Tom Green) #8

Catamount would like to have a talk with you. :grin:

(Tom Green) #9

I say the winner should get 2 free time out cards from Mods. We all need them at least one time on here. :sunglasses:


Get out of Ban free card please. lol

(Ben) #11

Announced 6,040, Actual 5363

(Tom Green) #12

We will go by announced paid attendance crowd to see who comes closest–ticket sales.


Based on the 500 or so people here now, I’m going to go with the lowest number listed -1.

(Tom Green) #14

Yikes! :roll_eyes::grimacing:


6:50…and not much better.

It will obviously fill in as the game begins, but this looks like an old Hofheinz-type crowd if Lamar was playing.

Disappointing…but sadly, not unexpected.


300 are the floor students in the cage, right. LSU will sell out guys, it’s Lamar. Still :grimacing:

(Katie) #17

There is no one here. Totally different vibe from Saturday.

(Ben) #18

Ok I meant 604


If Nate Hinton starts hitting his 3’s, oh boy


What do we say in football - they’re all in the concourse? :grinning:

Nice showing by the students. The dunk ratings are solid.

This place gets loud, though.