Announced attendance prediction for Lamar-- GO

(Tom Green) #81

Unfortunately many of these were purchased by resell Market. I checked 1 hr b4 Lamar gm n about 700 available on Stubs n maybe 750 on Vivid seats. So there is 1500 right there. I say maybe 3k season tiks were sold…Maybeeee?


Yep. The ticket money is coming in but the empty stadium visual is not good for recruits, players, parents of players, etc. And, poor Aramark with all that stale popcorn that didn’t sell. Oh well, they can sell it for the LSU game.


We might of sold almost 5600 tickets but the actual attendance was like 2,800. It can be worse, UH women’s basketball :basketball: game is tonight at 6 pm on ESPN 2 against Texas A&M. I’ll be shocked if they draw 500 actual spectators at their first ever game at Fertitta Center.


Why would you think those aren’t season ticket holders who are selling on there? Stubhub is where I sell my Cowboys season tickets.


Aramark sux lol

(Grant) #86

Showing your age. Must not have been around for the first year Drexler was a coach. I think a few of us older guys were hoping a better team, better coach and better facilities would have the same impact as a popular ex player as coach.

Nah. You were saying that you were hoping they would draw like they did right after they hired Drexler. I said Drexler is a Houston legend and has far more star power in this city than anyone currently associated with the program. He’s not just a “popular ex player”. That would be Rob Gray.

Then throw in the last 20 years since and of course that would have a big impact. Irrelevance just does.

Or maybe I don’t have a clue what you’re saying. Frankly, there is a very good chance that’s the case.

(Tom Green) #87

They could be, it is jmo that the ticket brokers purch decent amount in adv also knowing the anticipation of new Arena etc. There were just as many, actually more in the beginning of sales for Oregon gm. I would think the majority but not all of UH Alum would go to inaugural game if at all possible. #GoCoogs #GoTexans

(sphinx drummond) #88

That is an unusually long time even for a weekday, much less a Saturday. I know you were bumming out along the way. Typically how long would it take?

(PMM) #89

The big problem with Drexler was that alums and students showed up for more games than he did !



(sphinx drummond) #91

I may be wrong, but I always assumed ticket brokers don’t pay for tickets they don’t sell.

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Props to you on being a coach. I am working on my certification to teach History. I am going to continue to purchase season tickets, but also I will not be a coach like you, so I think it would be a little easier for me to make a commute during the week. I have already thought about this in my future and figure as long as I can get out from the school I teach at around 4:30 to 5, then I should be able to make many weekday basketball games still.


I drove in for Oregon, from Leon County. I got stuck in the Katy Fwy goat rope, and didn’t get in the arena until after 7:30. 0ver 6 hours on the road.

(Grant) #94

Ha no doubt. He just wanted to golf everyday.

He could have killed recruiting and just let an assistant really run the team. Those rumors pop up every now and then about how TJ Ford, Daniel Ewing and Emeka would have been in if Drexler staid around. I suppose he would have been exposed as not wanting to work eventually anyway.

Oh well.

(PMM) #95

I had no issue with him wanting to do other things. He should have refused Gladchucks overtures since his heart and skill levels (as it relates to coaching ability) were never in it.

Bigger issue I have with Clyde is that he convinced many ex UH players to drop what they were doing and come help him out…then slithered out the side door and left everyone hanging. Not good !!


UH does not have that fanatical alumni and fanbase that you see at other schools that will pack the arenas and stadiums if the team is winning or losing.

Those type of fans plan their life around their alma mater sports activities. That hasn’t been bread into the UH culture yet and will take years and years of continuous winning for that to happen.

UH alumni have too many other important things to do than take off from work or find a babysitter so they can go to a silly game. That is obvious how many UH grads feel looking at attendance at the games.

I don’t blame them. It’s just the UH culture. Until we get continuous winning teams, that culture is going to continue, unfortunately.


We have some - just not enough to fill the place. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m watching :eyes: this UH women’s team. Wow… They’re awful. None of their players can’t make open threes but shoot a Lot of them anyways, smh

(Tom Green) #99

They have been underperforming last couple weeks for sure. Having everyone back this year you expected better start to season. I finally changed it to Knicks/Celtics so yes it was bad. #Disppointing

(Cristian) #100

I was watching too. The team is really struggling. They’ve scored 4 points this qt and have missed 12 3s. I understand being open but if its not your strenght why not change the game plan.