Announced attendance prediction for Lamar-- GO


Maybe coaching ?!

(sphinx drummond) #102

I have nothing against women’s basketball. It is a fine activity. I just don’t find it a very good spectator sport. If I have time to watch women’s basketball, I rather spend the that time building, repairing, doing yard-work, or painting something,


Actually Robinson does a pretty good job of that.

(Jimmy Morris) #104

Agreed. Actually he does a really good job of that because other than a missed dunk, he usually scores. I was talking to my buddy during the game after a drive. I said the difference between a Galen drive and a Rob drive is that Galen drives to score and Rob would drive attempting to draw a foul. I guarantee Galen’s scoring percentage on lay ups this year is higher than Rob’s last year.

I really wish they kept track of scoring margin when players are on the floor like they do in the NBA. It really would show how valuable Galen is to the team.

(Randy Randel) #105

I know one conference opponent’s game plan that will start with Galen - Temple


And Jarreau is even better because he’s gifted with his handles, and has height, and length and likes to drive in.


Rob Gray’s handles aren’t great. Adequate at best.

(David) #108

It’s easy to jump onboard when the coach is starting to have success. UH fans have shown that it takes longer to board the train than to jump off at the first sign of trouble. I am realistic. If fan support to the point of coming to watch the Cougars and not whom they are playing is Sampson’s biggest priority, he won’t be around long.

(Jimmy Morris) #109

His turnovers per minute say otherwise. He might improve but Galen had a much better assist to to ratio as a freshman than Jarreau. Not sure what you are basing it on other than an opinion of his potential.

(Randy Randel) #110

That’s my point as well. They’re different players. Deeky does have more upside because of his size but Galen brings a fearless toughness to the team

(Terence Greene) #111

It nets out to $8 bucks a game guy. All I’m saying is don’t complain about attendance if you’re not willing to put skin in the game! As some of you know, I am not an Alum. I am however, a part of the Market the school should target because the Rockets are really sucking eggs now. CKS is 5 years in now! If not now, when?