Another ol commit

(John) #1

That’s 3 in 2 days. Matthew Huhn from San Antonio Jay HS

Brings us up to 26th nationally in recruiting for 2017.


He held offers from Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, and Harvard too! We got a smart one here.

(Patrick) #3

(Patrick) #4

(Valar MorgCooglis) #5

Boom indeed! Maybe boom, bam, bash!

(David Raffetto) #6

Very interesting prospect. Offers from other strong football programs like Michigan and Oklahoma State. Offers from academic powerhouses, including nearly all the Ivies. Kid seems to be the best of both worlds. Then you see that 6’7 frame. Wow! Seems like a great get by our staff. Warehime has been busy this week.

(John H) #7

Reminds me of Seabass :smile:


digging our red white & blue uni’s

(Chris) #9

Welcome sir!!!

(Mike Higdon) #10

I think by the time he goes through our power training program, that 6’-7" frame will have a lot more beef on it. I’m thrilled with the types of recruits we have been getting – smart as well as athletic. CTH told the kids they earn scholarships in the classroom and on the field. I’m glad to see more emphasis on the “in the classroom” part.