Anthony Cook in the portal

Former 4-star recruit and #10 CB in the nation in the 2018 class is now in the portal. Said he would never play for UT again. He’s out of Houston-Lamar. Hopefully the staff gets on him right away.


Is he eligible immediately?

He would be a true junior for the 2020 season. Played his fresh and soph seasons, so he’d have to apply for a waiver to play immediately. I doubt he’s a graduate. This all just broke in the past 24 hours so we’re not even sure the staff wants him. But I do. lol

Eric Monroe also in portal another top 50 recruit from Houston (safety)

I don’t think we are looking for DBs as we are deep there but a lot of elite DB from Houston have come available


I think we are more interested in getting another edge rusher than another DB. It looks like we’ve gone from famine to feast in the DB area. These transfers are hard to figure if they are immediately eligible, must sit one, or have a really good shot for a waiver. After this year, all of that will be out the window with the one time transfer eligibility.

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I remember an ex NFL GM saying a team can never have too many good CB’s. Its like pitching in baseball you can never have too much.


Monroe was heavily recruited by Herman and staff outta HS and was interested but the SEC was too much.

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