Antoine Davis = released from LOI / HC Davis to Detroit-Mercy

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That would be it for the 2018 class right?


Yes. Signs in November 2017.

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Nice! Huge pickup


Glad to get this one after losing out on Kopp and Udeze!


Niceeee!!! Also, UH will sign the two transfers from UMASS.

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“I committed to U of H,” Antoine Davis said. “I talked to my dad about it. It’s the best place for me. It’s a great fit for me. We both made that decision.”

Antoine Davis said it was a tough call for him to not play for his dad.

“It was, but he said if I don’t go play for him, go play for somebody that can coach,” Antoine Davis said.

“He said Coach (Kelvin) Sampson is a really good coach. It was a tough decision, but I felt like I made the right one.”

Antoine Davis said playing for Sampson was critical to his decision to choose the Cougars.

“He played a big part, seeing that he sent players to the NBA, and knowing that he can really coach, and my dad says he can really coach,” Antoine Davis said.

Mike Davis said he is happy to see his son playing for the University of Houston.

“We had a long conversation about it, him playing where he wanted to play,” Mike Davis said. “It just made sense. Everything made sense to him, being able to stay here and play for Coach Sampson at the University of Houston. I think he needed to grow up. You just got to grow, and you can only do some much for them as a parent.

“I think Houston is a sleeping giant.”

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Sleeping giant, so he says. The giant is starting to wake up. Yeah.


Maybe. But if a Ledee wants to come to UH, I’m sure CKS will find a spot for him.

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The ultimate compliment

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Absolutely…and once again it is just amazing to me that there were folks on this board ready to fire coach Sampson earlier…but then again, those are the same folks who will moan and cry and pout and declare the end of the world the next time we lose a game…Go Coogs…

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I have to admit that I was taken back when we hired CKS, but because I didn’t think he would get back into college coaching. When he accepted the job, I was elated because his track record says all you need to know.

He is a Pro !


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I’ll admit it. When we didn’t make the NCAA and went one and done in the NIT last year I was questioning whether he was the right choice. I was wrong and glad I was.

But where were all you Samson supporters last year…or after the Memphis loss?

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I said he was as good as any coach we have had at UH after his first year.

Most of our fans have no idea how difficult the UH basketball job was, and it goes way back.

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72 is right. I guarantee you that each and every HC we’ve had since Foster left has said at some point, “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” Between the lousy facilities, lousy administration support, and lousy fan support, there’s not a coach in America who could have maintained what Guy V built.

And Sampson wouldn’t have us in the Dance this year had the administration not stepped up to get the practice facility built and Hofheinz gutted and renovated. Act like a big-time program, and you get big-time kids to come here.

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Kelvin will be the first to tell you that it couldn’t have happened without our administration’s support of everything he’s asked for. Both he and the administration have put us into a position to become a perennial relevant player in March. It’s now up to our fanbase.

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Lawdog nails it…and 72 knows his stuff…

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