Antoine Davis = released from LOI / HC Davis to Detroit-Mercy

Hmmm. Interesting development (or it is to this outsider).

So this means another scholarship has opened up correct?

Weird to have a kid leave before playing a single game particularly without a coaching change. Not unprecedented in college BB but how many times has this happened to UH in the past decade? It can’t be many times…

the only way this makes sense is that orlando rumors scared davis…his dad is a coach and knows the business…

tom izzo squashed the orlando rumor in less than a day, sampson is letting it linger…if all of this is just a negotiation tactic, he is shooting himself in the foot with recruiting…

so now we have 3 free scholarships… with practically no one left to recruit …

wow why? i was really high on davis. thought he would be a beast for us.

Considering playing for Coach Sampson was a big draw for him, this had to bode ill for our negotations we are having with him. This does not make sense unless there is a strong chance of Sampson leaving.

With our current depth 2018 -19 will be fine.
3 scholarships for next recruiting cycle (Frosh/JUCO/traditional transfer)

Fill in the gaps with one year grad transfer players.

List doesn’t “wow” you but its just a single season=plenty of short term depth.
For Ex:
Malik Hines. UMass, C 6-10
-9.0 points and 6.1 rebounds- led the Atlantic 10 with 65.8 field goal percentage.

Tory Miller-Stewart, Colorado, PF 6-9
-6.2 points and 4.7 rebounds in 6 games before getting hurt.

If Hinton is also released, then I suspect Sampson is gone. Very strange, hopefully this bleeding stops here.

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There are some rumors out there, Mike Davis might be moving on

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Man… this orlando stuff is really ruining a lot of things for UH bball

That makes some sense of why this is happening?

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There could be any number of reasons, including his dad leaving. I’m sure part of the draw of coming here was staying close to family. We were also easily his best offer when he committed and looks like he’s getting some more good looks now.

The timing is a bit coincidental with the Sampson Orlando rumor and potential contract talks, but it’s probably wise to stay off the ledge over it.


I doubt seriously that Davis has any insight into Orlando’s search. Or his father, for that matter. I suspect he’s getting heavy petting from an SEC assistant coach.

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it might not be insight but wisdom, he might have decommited because he has no insight
summer school starts in a week, unlike the other recruits he only had a few decent offers…
if sampson were to take the job in 1-3 weeks he might be stuck in houston with a coach he doesnt want or be stuck trying to find a new team way too late…not to mention sampson likely gave him his release the same day he asked (davis and sampson are friends), it might not have been so easy with a new coach (marshall at wsu sees LOIs as a commitment, rarely ever lets anyone out)

his dad has been a d1 coach forever he knows the system…

it could have nothing to do with orlando, but he has been committed for 8 months, 1 week after the orlando rumor comes he decommits, that would be a rather strangely timed coincidence

plus the rumor is the favorite to land him is his father at tsu not the sec schools,

From what I have heard, it appears to be more of a case where his Dad ends up and very little, if anything, to do with the Sampson issue.

Dad may be going to San Jose State? That’s a long way from Houston.

That was last summer. San Jose State hired someone else.

This, however, is from an hour ago. Detroit News writer:

For those who care, Ray McCallum was the coach there for several years.

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Well I guess it was about time for TSU to screw their situation up. You would think they would take the money from the body bag games and us using the HP&E to try to secure Davis. He could build something lasting there.

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