Antoine Davis = released from LOI / HC Davis to Detroit-Mercy

And how did you come up with TSU screwing up? Coaches leave. We (UH) are a good example of that!

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No amount of money will keep him there if he doesn’t want to stay. May not be TSU’s screw up.

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I tip my hat to TSU, they really make do and excel with not a lot of resources

And he’s going to play for his old man.

Pay attention to the wording of Berman’s tweet here. He didn’t say he’s going to play at TSU.

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He made the right choice. Whatever he does in life, he’ll cherish that time with his dad.


Good for Mike and Antoine (even though it’s at our expense) and that makes the most sense. Seems like the scoop that he had a visit to Auburn lined up was partially off.

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ummm he most definitively going to play for his father at TSU.

why play for tsu when UH is right down the block

makes no sense

Both will end up at Detroit.

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Because his dad doesn’t coach at UH?

i get that but he has way more oppurtunity at UH for national exposure and post-grad employment if he doesnt go pro

That depends on where father and son end up.

Ray McCallum Jr. played for his old man at Detroit, got drafted, and spent four years in the league.

No reason why Antoine couldn’t do the same thing at Detroit, if that’s where they end up.

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like i said

Playing time is clearly a factor.

Like I said.


Detroit bound.

The announcement took longer than expected, but was the sole reason for the de-commit.


I’m a little confused on this move by Mike Davis. Is the Horizon League a substantially better conference than the SWAC? Detroit Mercy is not some name basketball program. Isn’t he just trading a one-bid league for another?

Yes. The average Horizon team would be favored over the average SWAC team by 8-10 points or so.

Probably. Used to be a better league, but they lost Butler to the Big East in 2012 and Valpo to the Missouri Valley in 2018. 2009 was the last time the league earned multiple bids.

However, the Horizon has gotten multiple NIT bids recently. And their teams have better NCAA seeds (usually 13-14) and made more noise in the NCAA tournament than SWAC teams (usually a 16 seed).

It’s an upgrade.