Antoine Davis = released from LOI / HC Davis to Detroit-Mercy

I don’t have the numbers memorized, but if Davis gets what Detroit was paying its last coach, he would double his salary, or something close to it.

Right. I’m guessing salary is a big driver behind the move.

TSU was paying Davis $250K.

Detroit paid its last coach between $450K and $475K.

And there it is… C.R.E.A.M!

Looks like a tricky roster situation. (Article from April- cant see much has changed with hire taking months)
Tons of players around Detroit, he should be able to reload quickly.

Is there a major difference in cost of living between Houston and Detroit ? ? ? ? ?

Detroit is quite a bit cheaper.

Mike is being offered $600+ for the Detroit Mercy job.

But now Mike is hedging. Word is that he reached out late last week to say he wanted to return to TSU with a raise. TSU is now considering it, but is inclined to move on. Seems they are not too pleased that Davis interviewed without giving them notice.

Word is also that a familiar name has made a strong push for the TSU job: Tom Penders. Penders has already had his friends at UH call on his behalf. If he gets the job, Penders will likely reassemble much of his staff from UH, which included Kevin Lewis (who still resides in the Houston area, and works as a coach and trainer).


Wow that’s pretty wild, but seems to sort of align with UDM not having announced Davis as head coach yet. Would love to see Penders at TSU.

Davis interviewing without permission goes against an earlier post in this thread that says UDM did get permission to talk to him.

I personally want to see Davis stay at TSU. He can build something great at TSU. But as far as replacenents go, TSU could do much worse than Penders.

We did !! His name was Dickey !!


Penders could come in and take over an NCAA Tournament team and build on it.

And where is your proof that Tom even wants the job, word on the street? This seems like a reach.

Just responding to the conversation…

For what it’s worth, Ultra has been a poster who historically seems to have some connections and inside info about some things from time to time (though maybe it’s just a good act).

I love the idea of Penders at TSU so much that I want it to be true. The one thing that doesn’t mesh with his historical M.O. is that he’s typically taken over underachieving teams/programs (i.e. “Turnaround Tom”). TSU has overachieved under Davis if anything.

Ultra’s been around for years and years, and definitely has some sources in the HBCU world.

He might not be right, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t pull that out of his backside, either.

I"m not questioning Ultra’s integrity, I’m just saying it seems like a reach. Tom is how old? 73 by the way. Being in that age group myself, believe me, I still say that’s a stretch. My question is, if Davis doesn’t get re-hired at TSU or hired at Mercy, will a scholarship still be available for Antoine if he wants it?

For here? I don’t think so. I thought I read somewhere that Goesling filled that spot.