Any signal from Coach Holgerson?


I understand your reasoning and Perspective. I just disagree. This time next year and I’d probably be on board with you. I’m going to be IMO more realistic. Wifey and I will be there to cheer our young men on win lose or draw with the expectation that the guys take this opportunity to get better and make some noise on FOX for everyone to see and hear.

Baylor NEEDS this game more than we do to maintain their “power 5 supremacy.”

We would love to ruin their opening weekend. And I honestly think we will.


Agreed. There is no way…no way…that CDH doesn’t want a piece of Baylor. For all us oldsters, CDH reminds me of Robert Conrad in an old commercial with a battery resting on his shoulder, daring the viewer to knock it off…

CDH has supreme confidence, a dude who walks on the balls of his feet. And as I have posted before, he has a mean streak, which is why I love the guy, and why he is perfect for us.

So yeah, I would bet my last dollar they his response was “Oh he** ****ing yeah !!!”


Again, Except BU is working on LEARNING something foreign with new starters, and the Coogs are working on refining what they ALREADY KNOW with guys who have been here in the same systems. I think people are overlooking this discrepancy between teams, and it will ultimately allow the Coogs to win this one.

I was feeling a lot more confident about this game before I learned that their offensive coordinator is Larry Fedora. He is a bright offensive mind. I’m still bitter about that 2011 CUSA Championship game.




sorry but outcome always matters

How so?

Losing to a ranked, non-conference opponent on the road to start the season will have little to no impact on our season

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I just saw this tweet and it got me really excited. If CDH is amped up to play based on what he’s seeing in practice, then let’s go!

That’s a good sign. From the interviews with him last year, he doesn’t seem to sugarcoat if the team is bad. The fact that he wants to play shows that he feels good with what this team can accomplish.


for someone who has coach in their name i am surprised. A W gives us a possible shot at top 25 later if we continue to play well, a L and we have no shot probably the rest of the year. top 25 brings recognition, recruiting and money. A W and we have a shot at a NY6 bowl, a loss and we are probably out no matter what we do in conference. A W brings enthusiam to not only the players but the fans, a L and well u know. Playing for pride, respect, future money and to show last year was a fluke. Why even put the non conference games on the schedule if they dont mean anything, every game means something.

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I just want my Coogs to show up and play hard the whole game.


Also playing for bragging rights.

It would knock us out of the NC contention!

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