Any thoughts on the search firm?

I looked at the list of coaches they placed with schools and I’m not impressed (unless I’m missing something)

They all have major ties to the ACC.
Is there a prominent HC,past HC or well regarded assistant in the ACC looking for a new challenge?
I do not believe that we used the same firm for our past hires.

I assume their main function is to identify and vet candidates. Then UH makes a decision.

Duarte posted an article about this. The search firm takes certain parameters from the school, finds potential candidates and helps with the vetting process. It does not make hiring recommendations. That’s on the school. So the list of recent coaches hired because this search firm was used is not indicative of the job the search firm does.

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Yep, mainly used to keep discussions with coaches private so that 1) they aren’t seen in public meeting with school officials until the process is basically done and 2) the search isn’t exposed via FOIA requests.

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Thanks for the update!!

Speaking of FOIA requests, when will Duarte have access to the former coach’s UH email messages? That might be some fun reading if he got sloppy in his communications.

Is Duarte a longhorn?

He graduated from UT journo school.

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