Any word on assistant coaches leaving / replacing?

So Zac Etheridge is going to Auburn but also heard UT is interested in Belk.

Somebody wants our coaches, they must not read Coogfans


Everyone wants Belk.

Good one!


If they’re looking for great coaches that know everything, they need to grab some of our posters— especially the ones who find fault with everything CDH does. It takes expertise to catch all those faults.


Clearly we have some of the best special teams coaches and a few head coaches that post here. They are excellent at second guessing our current coaches decision making and have some very original ways to get a team to the cfp

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Thanks for the laughs you two. Yes, we sure do have a lineup of great ‘forum coaches’!

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They used to be called armchair quarterbacks. But with millenials, etc., running things these days, I guess ‘yoga ball quarterback’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

“When you win, everyone is a fan. When you lose, everyone is a coach.”


These coaches have the worst record since Dana Dimel and are the highest paid among the G5 conferences. Perharps, just perharps they are jumping off a sinking ship.

Probably not even that. It’s probably a best time to look for a job is when you have a job sort of thing.

We’ve lost one coach. He wasn’t making a lot of money. At least doubled what he was making here.



If Bama wants him, he must be a pretty good coach.

Yeah and if we start losing coaches to higher paying offers, then it kind of makes the folks on here claiming the UH staff is too highly paid look a bit…shall we kindly say…uninformed.

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Bama took the UNC RB coach. Sounds like Marquel is gone though

So @coachv if he is gone and we also need a linebacker coach , if your were in charge who would you like us to fill those spots with? ( pure speculation and just your opinion).

No idea.

So if we are underpaying our amazing coaching staff, why can we not win a game against a team with a winning record? Are the coaches we coach against just that much better at Tulane or SMU?

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