Anybody Got Tickets to the Celebration Yet

I requested tickets yesterday before I even got the email but I still don’t have tickets.

Got a confirmation email yesterday, but no email with a link for the actual tickets.

Confirmation email received, still no tickets

I got an email with a link to the tickets the same time I got the email confirmation. Tickets have to be saved to either apple wallet or Google pay

Got the tickets, can’t wait!

Yep, got them and saved them in Apple wallet

If I were in Houston I’d be there… Go Coogs!

I always have trouble. I ordered mine, got the confirmation email but not the link email. Often the confirmation goes to my regular email and the link goes to the junk folder. However I never saw the link so I ordered two more tickets and immediately got both emails.

There wasn’t a ticket for parking…but parking is free right?

I got mine today

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