Anyone know how to redeem flex vouchers?


We would like to go to the Arky game tonight but just pulled out the flex plan vouchers and see that they can no longer be redeemed at the gate. It says they must be exchanged in advance of game day but gives no instructions about how to do so. Can’t find a way to do online and of course now it’s game day and the ticket office is closed. Anyone know how this works? Is there a way to do this online? Really hoping we don’t have to drive to campus prior to game day every time we want to use them.


I picked mine up yesterday and they said I could retrieve seats at the game.

(Patrick) #3

Yep, I think you can get them at the game as long as the game isn’t a sellout. Disclaimer on the ticket site says that “Vouchers presented at TSU H&PE Arena are not guaranteed to be honored.”

I have a good feeling that tonight won’t be a sellout so you should be good to go.