Anyone know when WSU tickets will be available?


I was a student for the 2016 advocare kickoff, so I’m not sure when tickets became available for that game

Im sure theyre going to sell out quick, so I wanna be prepared

(PMM) #2

I doubt it will sell out.


They are part of the season ticket package right?

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it will if we beat OU

(09Frontiersmen) #6

Join the priority ticket wait list

(PMM) #7

So, you see a lot of WSU fans coming down ?

I don’t.


I don’t either and if we get beat bad by OU, might be worst attended gm in advocare history, but if we beat OU I expect about 50K there

(Dustin K) #9

Buy some season tickets, it is included. You can do the Young Alumni season tickets and get 4x points on your donations.

(Cristian) #10

Except you’re going to be in the 600s

(Patrick) #11

Last year’s attendance was 40,333 for Baylor-Ole Miss. I’m just hoping we beat that mark. Lowest attendance was the 1st game between Miss State-Okie State: 35,874.

Don’t see too many Wazzu fans coming down for a Friday game not on a holiday weekend. Going to be basically all Coogs (not Cougs) there. We usually draw as much to TDECU as Wazzu draws to their stadium in Pullman. Their highest attended game was against Oregon and they pulled in 33,152. Lowest attended game was Arizona which drew 22,400. Remember, this is a team that went 11-2 and came close to winning a conference championship last season. But, hey, they’re P5 and we’re not.


This game should have should be at our regular field instead of NRG.

(Chris Vaughan) #13

The hiring of Holgorsen changes the dynamics for the game. Should generate interest although we lose folks to Friday Night Lights. I expect the crowd to bust 50,000.

I’m told it will be part of the season ticket package just like OU was


I agree with Pearland this game should be in TDECU. Did Pez say it is generating some additional guaranteed revenue? It better. My group has choice seats in TDECU section 229 right on 50 yard line. For the OU game in NRG we got total crap seats in the corner of the end zone. So I am expecting the same crap treatment for this game with WSU.

(09Frontiersmen) #15

We moved the game to the Advocare Texas kickoff for the payday. We were invited so it’s an honor. It was originally scheduled at TDECU.

The UofH VS. Washington State series includes a Houston return trip to Washington State on Sept. 12, 2020.


09 - So how much more $$$ will we net by playing in this Advocare game versus a sold out TDECU and our concession sales? Also Advocare usually has an opening weekend game and was not able to get any takers. So we’re playing a Friday night game second weekend of the season. If the payout is outstanding I am OK. If not, then why?


More than likely so we can be invited again in the future

(Patrick) #18

We get $1.72M guaranteed for playing in the Kickoff Game per the BOR meeting where it was approved.

(John m Bevil) #19

So…your saying there are some fair weather UH fans?

(PMM) #20

Where have you been the last 40 years ?

If there are 50K actual there, I would be thrilled.