Anyone know when WSU tickets will be available?

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Wouldn’t it be nice if Rice beat UT and we beat OU and Rice? There would be great wailing and gnashing of teeth in Austin and at whorn households around the state.


ofcourse ut gets the sat game


Of course they do! And, once again, they play Rice (a sure win!), instead of UH (not so sure 'bout dat). Come on, Rice; get up off the floor, and WIN A GAME!


…While a G5 like ECU can average 40 to 50+ thousands of fans…crazy…


and what is there to in Backwater North Carolina on Saturday except go to a game or get high and watch the grass grow?


Well, same for Nebraska…just Corn fields and Scare Crows…

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I attended last year’s advocate kickoff (TxTech vs. Ole Miss) and we had 600 lvl seats. Because of the low attendance they didn’t open the upper bowl and gave us 100 lvl tickets at the game. I’d keep that in mind if this game is not well attended. Especially on the WSU side

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Our total receipts playing at home should be the same if not more


Has anyone been able to get tickets just for our game?

All I can find on the Advocare website is a 2 game package for the Texas Kickoff + Texas Bowl


If Rice loses by a TD, I will consider it a W.


Greenville, NC is a piece of cake to get to compared to Pullman, Wa.


Indeed it is. To get to Pullman, one has to fly first into Spokane (even that is not all that easy); and then one has to rent a car and drive about 90 miles South. It is beautiful country, filled with very nice and friendly people, but not all that easy to find!

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The thing I hate, at least from past experience is that even if I have good seats at TDECU they will put us on the 20 yard line or worse at NRG.


LCCoog - We attended the event in TDECU club (semi signing day event) this year and was able to talk with our CP contact. I asked the question about WSU seats in NRG and response was we will try to get you as close to similar seats you have as season ticket holders in TDECU. There were plenty of complaints about the OU seats so CP will supposedly try to correct this year. Also told we could make requests to have seats together with other season ticket holders we sit with in TDECU. So hopefully I was provided with good information so let’s see what happens.

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I was in the line at Hobby for a flight (somewhere) and talking to a young man who was from Spokane. He was taking a direct flight there from Houston. Apparently there’s at least one per day. Western Washington sounds like a good excuse for a roadie. Flights are somewhere around 7 hours, depending on connections. Alaska Air seems to have the best now.


The one time I made the drive I got to the Spokane airport around 9:30 or 10:00 pm so I didn’t see the countryside on my drive. I do remember the road was one of those with such limited access and services that it had emergency call boxes. This was 1994 (WS Game 4 was that night) so no Google maps. I figured Pullman was a college town and if I rolled in at 11 pm there would be plenty of people out and about to direct me to the hotel. The 24 hour Safeway appeared to be the only thing open when I got to Pullman. The drive the next day to Lewiston, ID. was beautiful. If anybody is going to the 2020 game out there a day or two of site seeing wouldn’t be a bad idea


There are two routes one can drive between Spokane and Pullman; if you go, try to do both - one way down, the other back. The most direct route - and the fastest - is highway 195; you might want to stop at Steptoe Battlefield and learn a little history of the area. Or you can take highway 27, the one that will take longer because if is more narrow and winds around more through the mountains and valleys. Gorgeous country!

And, you might want to learn a bit more of the history of the area. Read up on the history of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce Indians, whose home was just South of the area - in Oregon and Walawa Lake. Fascinating stuff!

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I finally found the link for the single game on friday and they’re definitely witholding tickets. The game doesn’t look like it will be anywhere near a sell out.