Anyone know when WSU tickets will be available?


Its barely May lol

(Patrick) #42

(Thomas Hitchcock) #43

Wow, $19


40,000 would be a huge number in my opinion. WSU will bring no more than 2,000 fans. It’s also a Friday night game. Not as bad for attendance as Thursday night games, but certainly worse than Saturday. The only wild card is any continuing corporate tickets that might add to the gate.

(Paul Marlow) #45

Heard the game advertised on 610AM recently, well in advance of the season. Based on prior games at the venue, I am expecting 50k+.


Also hinges on a win at OU, which is unlikely, so I would guess 40K , but we beat OU, I think 60K

(Thomas Hitchcock) #47

We beat OU…50k…we lose to OU…35k. Remember, the next day Rice plays UT at NRG and then the next day the Texans play.

(Patrick) #48