Anyone Respecting BU?

9-0 over Gonzo!

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UH’s start on Saturday night looking a lot better!


Baylor going on b/:;- slap mode. Like ‘em or not, they are real good.

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Baylor looking like 1990 UNLV

Maybe just maybe we didn’t play that bad… just missed shots. Gonzo can’t get shots off.

We started off a lot better than the Zags. Of Baylor keeps hitting shots and rebounding and defending at this level, Gonzaga may not get as close as we did.

I hate the coke flavors commercial


Yep. Gonzo better shut it down soon or they’re toast. Kind of thought it could happen. We’ll see. The Coogs were a good team and got pushed by them.

This is the point of the game Saturday that it hitme that I wish we were playing Gonzaga


too many shooters!! that is what we need

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Mitchell has been unguardable in the tournament

Hats off to Baylor. They’re real regardless of bitching about the B12…

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I’ll take a BU blowout against the Zags if that means UH’s whooping looks a tad bit better… lol

Pour it on ‘em, Bears!!!


Man I wish we played gonzo.


On board bro.

It’s still early; but the Zags better get in gear or it will be late before they know it. BU just hits net on their threes and the release is really quick.

Gonzo gettin blown out

Think we’ll get a “Houston’s Better” cheer from the Baylor fans?

Zaga gotta be drained from Saturday night

Sooo I feel like Baylor didn’t go up 15 on us until like 10 minutes in the 1st. lol


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