AP says Kyle Postman had a good game



(Patrick) #2

He’s done well after the Coogs lost Gary Ward last season.


Good point, it seems as though “Gary” Ward has now given way to the “Postman” delivers.


The MSM never ceases to amaze. It takes less than 15 seconds to confirm Postma’s (or anyone’s for that matter) name.

(Chris) #5

AP used to stand for integrity, true reporting…not anymore.

(Ben) #6

MSM, sports announcers and just about everyone else in the US today are skating by, doing just enough to maintain their jobs. Poor research, memory worse than mine, lack of effort and you get fiction instead of fact, guesswork instead of hard work. I know humans are prone to error, but it seems to be getting worse and worse all of the time . . . . .