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We need to start making our voices heard with AP voters like this guy. Please give this guy a thumbs down.



Wilner usually has strange ballots that are “based on results.” Even still, he fell into the UT trap before the season.

Hoping we can beat Arizona and get him behind us. He predicted them to go 3-9 this year, but to handle us with relative ease. Judging his UT ranking, he may have put too much stock in the “Herman” factor.

It wasn’t just UT though. He ranked 4 teams that had losing records last year in the top 25 and three of them, (UT, UCLA and Michigan State) he all had at least 14 spots above the national average. I don’t have a problem with some hometown boy in Austin ranking UT 20th just to not get grilled by the local fans or even a regional vote like someone in Oklahoma voting UT 25th just to give a tiny boost to the Big12 hype. Rating 4 losing teams from all over the country in the top 25 just means this guy is taking a lot of shots and hoping one of them comes through so he can say “I knew it all along.”

I am glad to see we got his rating from positive 5 to negative 5. Maybe just maybe it will affect his next vote.

He’s always been like that. He almost always has a ballot that doesn’t correlate to anyone else’s. Two years ago, he was the last writer in the country to rank us and only did so after we beat Navy (if I remember correctly). Last year, he kept us in the top 10 even after the SMU loss, and Ranked us like 14th going into the bowl game. I think he ended up ranking us the highest of any other writer after the bowl game, something like 19th.

I think he likes it though, makes him stand out so he gets more attention.

I strongly disagreed with that as well. The only type of preseason vote I’d be satisfied with, is just a continuation of how the polls ended in January with maybe a little change based on the momentum to finish that season. In other words a team that was ranked 23rd at the end of the season, because they won their last 5 games in a row, might start out 20th for this season and vice versa. Obviously schools like USF or LSU who won 6 of their last 8 games including beating 3 top 25 teams carried some momentum while schools like MSU and UT had no momentum.

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Completely agree

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