Appeals Court Rules NCAA Can't Limit College Athletes' Education Expenses

A federal appeals court dealt another blow to the NCAA on Monday when it comes to the debate about how collegiate athletes should be compensated.

According to Dan Murphy of ESPN, the appeals court upheld a March 2019 ruling from Judge Claudia Wilken that would allow colleges to pay for all education-related expenses for athletes.

Wilken said schools could cover costs for things such as “computers, science equipment, musical instruments” and other educational items, and NCAA rules limiting those expenses violate antitrust laws.

Well I guess if a school wants to give all its student athletes laptops, they could.

I agree with the ruling, but it will allow the “Haves” to out recruit the “Have Nots” even more. I am glad to see this ruling for athletes should have as much of their educational expenses paid for including one trip from home to shool and back per semester. No different from a business expense having to travel to ones place of work along with greatly increasing stipends because almost all student athletes really don’t have the time to work during the summer or during the school year since they are training for their sport.

This won’t happen, but I would love to see some of the money the coaches make shift to the student athletes to cover all their school related expenses plus enough to cover part-time job losses due to their sport while maintaining the student athlete concept. What the coaches get vs the student athletes is nuts.

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Well I said over a year ago that this would be an unmitigated gigantic mess…this is going to become a maelstrom of economic garbage the likes of which we cannot imagine.

The Student Athlete RIP 2020…

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