Applewhite brings innovative changes to coaching staff

The biggest change in Applewhite’s coaching structure is the lack of a dedicated special teams coordinator. Applewhite’s plan for special teams is to have one coach from offense and one from defense collaborate to handle the return game and the cover game. Applewhite himself is familiar with special teams, having experience with the kickoff return and punt unit as a graduate assistant at the University of Texas. He will also be a part of special teams.

Applewhite’s decision to not have a dedicated special teams coach doesn’t mean he thinks it’s unimportant. He stressed its importance and how a single play can flip a game in an instant, but the new Cougar coach isn’t at the point where he can announce which two coaches will be in charge of special teams.


With the new coaching staff established under Applewhite, the Cougars look to innovate and improve the program.

I sure do hope so!

I think that’s a mistake. What determines the coach’s success? His position success or his special teams. We’ve been down this road and it hasn’t worked.

I tend to agree. I don’t understand why coaches continue to try this - it almost always ends in later hiring a ST coach after a catastrophic ST failure.

I thought our special teams were mediocre at best last year under Herman, so I don’t see how they could possibly be much worse this season.

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Isn’t there a GA or two with special teams backgrounds on staff, too? It isn’t like there isn’t any experience on staff.

With that said, I tend to respect the handful of coaches that make special teams a priority. It can lose games (Briles) or win games (Sumlin).

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